​ ​​​​Building for NewIdeas:

A Tower of Flowing Excellence

The Water Tower

Every dynamic company needs an amazing home. That's why Hyspot Technologies  is investing in building its own home in the state of Massachusetts in 2020. Equip with more than just a cozy lounge and virtual reality computer  concierge built into the walls  on every floor, Hyspot's upper levels remain reserved for some of the more interesting technologies. With a world class kitchen and dinning facility on the top floors, Hyspot's conference rooms below it demonstrate the perfect balance between office Monday and Friday dinning.

  Its 200 floor design is laced with a full gym /swimming pool, lower level parking, a SPA, helicopter pad and a plethora of charging stations strategically placed throughout the building. But above all, the most unique feature about this new building are its horizontal elevators. The proxy system of floor orientation repels conformity, spiraling  upwards and downwards with the fluid motion of water, these elevators make the inside of the building both wonderful and endearing-while reminding the public the importance of renewable resources. The open outside view allows for a breath taking experience while working in the over flow offices on the senior floors.

  In keeping with the feeling of private business, The Water Tower Building will serve as the headquarters for all Hyspot  entity companies, keeping the family a lot closer together. Everything from biomedical technology research to Aerospace design are included in this epitome of commerce scheduled to begin construction by 2020.