There are 1 billion people in the world today who do not have viable access to clean water. We at Hyspot Technologies sought to solve this problem by introducing our latest technology called Terri. Together, we're taking on the challenges that face our planet by providing useful technology in the places that need it.


BIO MEDICAL technology

Pioneering the 21st century of medicine on and off the battlefield is an exciting time for our medical engineering department. Exploring and solving health related issues as old as age itself, Hyspot Technologies is ushering in new sciences that enhance the quality of life and human longevity.

Renewable Resources

aerospace environmental engineering

Engineering materials for space exploration have a limitless range of applications. From short term use, to 

colonizing Mars, Hyspot Technologies is providing tomorrows technology today. 

The privatizaton of space travel is becoming increasingly popular among industry professionals, and private citizens with aspirations of colonizing Mars in 2022.